Goldline 100mg CBD Honey Sticks - 5 Pack

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  • Goldline 100mg CBD Honey Sticks - 5 Pack
  • Goldline 100mg CBD Honey Sticks - 5 Pack
  • Goldline 100mg CBD Honey Sticks - 5 Pack
  • Goldline 100mg CBD Honey Sticks - 5 Pack


Goldline CBD Honeysticks are probably the best quality true to nature edible. First of all these amazing stix are made in Oregon and barrel blended for a rich aged full-bodied feel. The key component is a natural raw honey that has deep notes as it blends with a full spectrum extracted CBD oil to provide a natural blend that has strong hints of the aged honey and pure full spectrum CBD. Many other honey sticks don’t even use real honey and blend in CBD crystals, but this process cuts no corners and is done right for the person who appreciates quality with distinguished flavor. Also, high in potency each stick contains 20MG of full spectrum CBD. Feel free to eat the honey by itself, or mix in with your tea or toast….if you want to get really exotic blend it with some almonds with a nice California Cabernet on the side to experience the rich CBD delivery. This Honeystick works really well to comfort and soothe the mouth and throat as any aged honey would but that CBD infusion takes it to another level.

This product is our full spectrum CBD extract and it is very strong. The package comes with 5 sticks,100mg total.

  • Very Strong and Effective
  • 20mg Full Spectrum CBD Each Stick (Not isolate infused)
  • Real Raw Honey Infused, No artificial flavoring
  • Great Rich full bodied taste
  • Barrel blended to perfection
  • Made in USA
  • Great to mix with Tea or use on toast

Useful Measurements

  • 2 honey stix = 1 tsp
  • 1 tsp = 5 ml
  • 1 fluid oz 6 tsp
  • 6 honey stix = 1/2 fluid oz
  • 12 honey stix = 1 fluid oz
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