CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs

Bomb Your Stress & Pain Away With Our CBD Bath Bombs

Known for their impact on chronic pain and general stress, CBD bath bombs are a great way to soften your skin and simply relax. Developed under strict federal regulations, our pharmaceutical-quality CBD bath products will make you calm, relaxed and refreshed. Unwind all your stress and pain by ordering bath bomb infused with premium grade CBD oil and transcend into a higher dimension of life with Prep Right. Enriched with anti-inflammatory properties, our water soluble bath bombs have just the right percentage of high-quality CBD Oil to make your bathing experience a lot more relaxing.

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  • Goldline Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bombs 125mg

    Goldline Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bombs 125mg


    Goldline 5 Pack Assorted Bath Bombs 25mg What better way to relax than a nice hot Bubble bath? Take that Bath to the next level with GoldLine’s CBD bath balms that offer a full spectrum relaxing, soothing, CBD absorption while you soak your...
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